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The coast to the west of Saint-Brieuc its legendary cliffs, rocks and fishing ports

From the Goëlo coast

Our suggestions of tours near Saint-Brieuc

Binic, ancien port morutier
Binic -

Between ports and beaches

Just 15 minutes awat from your accommodation, discover Binic, a charming port nicknamed "the beauty spot" of the Côtes d'Armor.

Saint-Quay-Portrieux, a stylish seaside resort with a large fishing port, is one of the capitals of the scallop. Its very rugged coastline and beautiful beaches, especially "la plage de la Comtesse ('the Countess beach'), with its small island, are very appealing. Nearby, the Zooparc de Trégomeur, a zoo coupled with a botanical park, presents a collection of Asian fauna and flora.

The Plouha point

Plouha and its cliffs, the highest of Brittany, offer an incredible view over the Bay in which are nestled ancient anchorages and small ports. The oldest, Gwin Zegal, dates back to the 5th century, and even today, local sailors still use his trunks of trees dug in the mud to moor their boats.

Bonaparte Beach is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters accessible through a stone-built tunnel. But it is best known for the role it played during the Second World War. It was there that 135 Allied airmen and paratroopers whose planes had been shot down in France were discreetly led so that they could sneakily embark on boats heading to the United Kingdom. It was the French Resistance fighters of the Shelburn network who allowed these exfiltrations, commemorated by a stone stele.

Gwin Zegal - Plouha point
Gwin Zegal, Plouha -
Port of Paimpol -


Paimpol, one of the most famous ports in Brittany, is known for its fishing history in Iceland and Newfoundland, but also its old half-timbered houses and lively docks, lined with restaurants. Here, the most renowned delicacy is the local oyster, "la Paimpolaise".

The Abbey of Beauport, a graceful and enigmatic building, offers many cultural activities. Also, don't miss Loguivy-de-la-Mer, the attractive little port next door, at the mouth of the Trieux river. Last but not least, the Pointe de l'Arcouest offers a view of the gorgeous island of Bréhat and the constellation of islets that surround it.

The Brehat Archipelago

The island of Bréhat, a stunning island - which is made up of two islands, linked together by a bridge – is one of Brittany's major landmarks. "The Island of Flowers" fully deserves its nickname, and starting from spring, you will be charmed by the symphony of colours played by the agapanthes, echiums, Cape Daisies, poppies and armorries which adorn some of its pink rocks. It is forbidden to drive there, and it is by foot that you will discover its narrow streets and secret coves.

The island of Bréhat, Brittany, France
The island of Bréhat -

Follow the coast of Pink Granite

Must-see destinations less than 1 hour away from Saint-Brieuc

The wild peninsula of Plougrescant in North Brittany
Plougrescant -

The wild peninsula of Plougrescant

Plougrescant is best known for its small house wedged between two rocks at the Castel Meur site, which has become the region's landmark. All around, you will find other houses leaning against rocks, scattered in the moor. The coast here is absolutely beautiful. The Saint-Gonéry chapel is a truly unique building, with its crooked zinc steeple and its beautiful gargoyles made of the same metal

The Trieux Valley

Pontrieux, nicknamed the Little Venice of Trégor, is certified as a “petite cité de caractère” ('small city of character'). The visit by boat, very romantic, is a great way to discover the numerous old wash-houses of the town. Pontrieux is also the final stop of the touristic steam train, La vapeur du Trieux, which links it to Paimpol during the summer..

Nearby, the castle of la Roche-Jagu, built on a loop of the river, has two facades, one austere and military, and the other elegant and adorned with many windows. Its remarkable gardens invite to beautiful walks and provide a great view of the estuary.

La vallée du Trieux entre Paimpol et Pontrieux,
The Trieux Valley -
Ploumanach in Brittany
the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h -

The Pink Granite Coast

Perros-Guirec is the flagship seaside resort on the Pink Granite coast. A perfect family destination, it will delight water sports enthousiasts and beautiful manor houses lovers. If you like birds and sea excursions, don't hesitate to embark on a trip to discover the archipelago of the 7 islands facing the town. In June, you may be lucky enough to spot some of the seals who have colonised some of their beaches. Don't miss Ploumanac'h, its lovely harbour, its lighthouse, and the pink granite coast, a mysterious and wild moorland dotted with boulders renowned all over France. These assets have earned it the title of "favourite village of the French 2015" in a French TV Programme. The neighbouring village, Trégastel, can count on its beaches, the castle of Costaeres, set on a nearby islet, its tidal mill, and its intriguing oratory of Saint-Guirec to seduce its visitors.

Lannion and Tréguier, cities of art and character

Lannion has retained its medieval character, with its many half-timbered houses. Don't miss the magical walk along the banks of the Leguer river, which will take you either to the charming hamlet of Le Yaudet or to Beg Léguer point, with its idyllic beaches.

The city of Tréguier, embraced by the arms of the Jaudy and Guindy rivers, is one of the ancient Breton cities that have best preserved their medieval character. There are no less than 57 half-timbered houses, most of them dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, often very colourful. Its cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Brittany, with its elegant cloister in flamboyant Gothic style. Founded by Saint-Tugdual, the city is one of the 7 stages of the Tro-Breizh, the major Breton pilgrimage.

Tréguier -

Explore the eastern coast of Saint-Brieuc

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