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The coast to the east of Saint-Brieuc its fabulous beaches and upscale seaside resorts

Up to Cape Fréhel, the Penthièvre coast

Beautiful outings less than an hour from your accommodation

Pléneuf-Val-André, north Brittany
Val André -

Famous seaside resorts

"La pointe des Guettes" in Hillion, is a cape known for its beaches and for La Maison de la Baie, an observation centre that proposes activities to discover the natural wonders of Saint Brieuc Bay.

The elegant resort of Val-André,will charm you with its "Digue", a walk along its beautiful beach, and its little harbour, Dahouët, undoubtedly one of the most charming in Brittany.

Erquy, one of the major fishing harbour for the scallop - a local unavoidable delicacy – is also very alluring with its pink sandstone houses, its wild cape, its varied beaches and its "Blue Lakes".

Great beaches and majestic capes

Sables-d'Or-les-Pins, a resort that has retained its 1920s elegance, was established in the middle of dunes. It has an inland lagoon that is flooded by the sea with the tide. Beautiful landscapes are guaranteed during the high tidal coefficients.

Cap Fréhel, a rocky promontory dominated by a 103-metre high lighthouse overlooking a sea of emerald, offers magnificent panoramic views from the top of its cliffs. On sunny days, you will be able to distinguish Jersey on one side, Paimpol and Bréhat Island on the other. Over the seasons, it is adorned with pink, mauve and yellow patches, depending on the blooms. By walking along the coastal path, you will reach Fort La Latte, a beautiful 14th century castle that has been used as a setting for a number of films.

Cap Fréhel, Brittany, France
Fréhel -

Dinard, Saint-Malo, Cancale... the Emerald coast

Other Breton cities to explore during your stay

Dinard, Brittany
Dinard -

Towards the Rance Valley

Don't miss Dinard, Saint-Briac, Saint-Lunaire, and Lancieux, All of these seaside resorts have been founded during the Belle-Epoque, and have kept all their elegance. In Dinard, the most exclusive of them, the Clair de Lune boardwalk will allow you to discover beautiful and stylish villas, the very rugged coastline and Saint-Malo. In the port, you can also board the "Bus de Mer" ('Sea Bus'), a boat crossing the Rance river to take you to Saint-Malo. In autumn, the city hosts the Dinard Film Festival ('British Movies Festival').

La Rance, a coastal river about 60 miles long whose mouth separates Dinard from Saint-Malo, is best known for its tidal power plant. A number of pretty villages share its banks, including Saint-Suliac, which has been crowned "one of the most beautiful villages in France". Don't miss the stunning panorama from its oratory, located on the top of the hill : its view encompasses the entire bay.

Saint-Malo, the city of pirates

Saint-Malo, Saint-Malo, is a citadel famous for its grandiose enclosing walls, and its shipowners' houses rebuilt after the after the Second World War bombings. Energetic and refreshing, always vibrant, it offers fabulous views from its round path : beaches, islets, numerous fortifications, lighthouses...

Once a city of pirates, it now hosts two major transatlantic races : the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec/Saint-Malo. During the high tidal coefficients, the scene of furious waves unleashing on the breakwaters of the Sillon beach is often in the news.

Saint-Malo, Brittany
Saint-Malo -
Cancale, bay of Mont Saint-Michel
Cancale -

Cancale, a reputed place for seafood

Cancale is a charming harbour overlooking Mont St-Michel Bay (the Mont is visible during sunny days), famous for its big rock and its oysters. In summer, it is possible to taste them outdoors, after having bought them at the oyster market, or ordered them in one of the multiple seafood restaurants which line the port. After this treat, why not enjoy a "digestive walk" at the Pointe du Grouin, a wild cape that faces a rocky islet and offers a fabulous view over the region.

Explore the western coast of Saint-Brieuc

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